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Declaration of Interest

If you are interested in joining Alpha Trampoline Club, please complete the form below and our Director of Coaching will be in touch.

Membership at Alpha Trampoline Club is split into three separate levels:

Pre-Competitive - Recreational, Novice, Club H & I,

CDP 1 & 2

Pre-Competitive+ - The season before members begin at regional level

Competitive - NDP 1-6, Performance, FIG, Grade G-D, League

These levels are based on the Long-Term Athlete Development program (LTAD) that encourages healthy living and lifelong participation in sport while encompassing all gymnasts, from those who are looking to participate recreationally, to those who wish to choose an elite pathway.

A fourth membership level is for Alpha Tots. Please click here for more information.

Contact Us:

Alpha Trampoline Club operates on an open-to-all policy. Anyone who requests it will receive an offer for two free taster sessions and entry into the Pre-Competitive level of the club. While we try to accommodate new members’ first choice of session, the club reserves the right to place new members in an appropriate session based on their age and ability. The season before members will be expected to compete at regional level, they are moved to Pre-Competitive+. This is a notification that those members will be moving into competitions, as we appreciate this incurs additional costs. Members then move into Competitive membership when they begin competing at regional level or above. The progression is based on skills and physical abilities, behaviour and attitude. Competitive members are expected to show a commitment to training and competing at the regional levels is compulsory.

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