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Members of Alpha had a great end to the year with two of the most exciting annual events - Club Championships and the Awards Ceremony and Christmas Party.

An amazing 69 members were in action at the Club Championships this year, producing routines from novice all the way up to national standard. There was fantastic support from friends, family and other members, and alongside the wonderful routines on show, the club also managed to raise £165 on a charity raffle which was split between the DMT fund and local children’s hospice, Naomi House. Medallists were as follows:

Novice 1 5-6 yrs: 1st - Willow King; 2nd - Daisy Grindal; 3rd - Daisy Spicer

Novice 1 7-8 yrs: 1st - Orla Morrison; 2nd - Chloe Trillaud; 3rd - Abi Warnes

Novice 2: 1st - Emilia Robertson; 2nd -  Eloise Curtis; 3rd - Jess Potter

Intermediate 1 - 1st - Tegan Perkins; 2nd - Phoebe Riley; 3rd - Ollie Frost

Intermediate 2 - 1st - Aimee Hill; 2nd - Freya Jones; 3rd - Lilia Caddy

Intermediate 3 - 1st - Molly Johnson; 2nd - Mary Hirst; 3rd - Anna Jakubowski

Elite 1 10-12yrs: 1st - Marcus Goulden; 2nd - Susanna Hinde;

3rd - Amelie Bhattacharya

Elite 1 13+ yrs: 1st - Katie Campbell; 2nd - Coley Holbrook; 3rd - Lola Daltrey

Elite 2: 1st - Lucie Trillaud; 2nd - Beth Brooks; 3rd - Paul Bezant

Elite 3: 1st - Molly Carrington; 2nd - Beth Thorpe; 3rd - Emily Crosskey

Open Elite: 1st - Robert Hamilton; 2nd - Francesca Hamilton; 3rd - Lewis Stag

Following on from Club Champs, the club also celebrated the year’s success stories at its annual Awards Ceremony. Alpha and members were very pleased to welcome guest speaker, Pete Cracknell, who gave an inspiring talk to attendees about his career as a GB representative for double-mini trampoline. Club colours were handed out to all those who competed for the club at novice, regional and national level, before awards were given out to celebrate individual successes. Awards for Achievement were handed out to Lola Daltrey, Ollie Frost, Keira Purver and Robert Hamilton, with Awards for Effort given to Tivon Dillner, Duncan Jeynes, Sophia Gore and Aimee Hill. Coaches Special Awards were also given to Annabel Steel and Francesca Hamilton for their hard work and performances through a year of illness and injury for them.

New Junior Ambassadors for 2016 were named as Ethan Goulden and Susanna Hinde, and they received their t-shirts along with new assistant coaches, Emily Crosskey and April Stoker.

Certificates were given to members who impressed through the year in conditioning, mid-session and fitness testing, with the trophies handed out to Marcus Goulden (Conditioning Cup 11 and Under), Louis Barrett (Conditioning Cup 12 and Over), and Beth Thorpe (Fitness Testing).

Following on from Club Champs, the shield for the highest execution score on the day was also handed out to Robert Hamilton.

The final award of the night was the club’s signature award which is given each year to one member who has been outstanding in some respect. This year the Alpha Award was given for Outstanding Progress in the Sport and was handed to Lewis Stag who joined the club at the beginning of the year having only trampolined at school and in the                                                                                     garden at home, and ended the year competing at the Copper                                                                                         Box at the Olympic Park at a national level.

                                                                                 Then there was time for a buffet supper before the club members,                                                                                   coaches and families partied the night away!


Party time!


Alpha had 5 members competing at qualifying events of the National Trampoline League throughout 2015. They had a successful year with all 5 of those competing qualifying for the final event of the year. The League upped its game this year with League Finals being held at the Copper Box in the Olympic Park. This was the first trampoline event to be held at the venue and an awesome experience for all to compete on Olympic ground!

The preliminary rounds took place on Saturday with all of Alpha’s

members battling through tough groups. Lewis S competed a

fantastic first routine leaving him in 4th, but a mistake in his second

routine left him 15th overall in the League 3 15-16 Boys. Annabel S

was in the League 3 15-16 Girls, and despite an injury which robbed

her of vital training in the build-up to the event, she competed two

solid routines, narrowly missing out on a semi-final place and

finishing 20th in her group. In the League 2 15-16 Boys, Robert H

performed two good routines, safely seeing him through to the final

on Sunday. Francesca H was in action in the League 1 19+ Ladies

where unfortunately, her good first routine wasn’t enough to see her through to the semi-finals in a very competitive group, so finishing 17th overall.

Sunday saw Robert and Faith H in action. Robert was competing up a League Level from last year, but still held his own, finishing just outside the medals in 5th place. Faith was competing in the Disability Trampoline Category 2 9+ Girls and with just one routine to impress the judges, she did just that, finishing in 1st place and being awarded the gold medal at the Olympic Park!


The first regional competition took place on the Isle of Wight on 31st January and Alpha were out in force. With 25 members competing, it was a busy morning for everyone involved! Once again though, Alpha’s competitive successes continued and the hard work coaches and members do in training started to show through with some fantastic routines and performances throughout the day. The excellent standard on show meant that 22 out of 25 Alpha competitors have already qualified through to the Regional Team Qualifier which will take place in March. Full results for Alpha members were as follows:

NDP 1 7-8 Girls: Eloise B - 1st

NDP 1 9-10 Girls: Jess T - 7th

NDP 1 11-12 Boys: Marcus G - 1st; Callum S - 3rd

NDP 1 11-12 Girls: Keira P - 3rd; Mary H - 6th; Tegan P - 16th

NDP 1 13+ Girls: Lola D - 2nd; Katie C - 8th; Hannah C - 10th; Susanna H - 14th

NDP 2 11-12 Boys: Tivon D - 2nd

NDP 2 11-12 Girls: Lucie T - 3rd; Amelie B - 6th

NDP 2 13+ Boys: Louis B - 1st

NDP 2 13+ Girls: Beth B - 3rd

NDP 3 11-12 Girls: Beth T - 1st

NDP 3 13+ Boys: Paul B - 3rd

NDP 4 11-12 Girls: Molly C - 4th; Faith H - 6th

NDP 4 13+ Girls: April S - 5th; Emily C - 13th

NDP 4 13+ Boys: Ethan G - 2nd

NDP 5 15+ Girls: Annabel S - 1st

NDP 6 15-16 Boys: Lewis S - 1st


Club gymnasts, coaches and family members were all very excited to attend the East Hants Sports Awards 2016 on 11th February at Old Thorns, Liphook. After being greeted, attendees were able to listen to a very inspiring talk from Roger Black MBE, who advocated for all the extra things sports gives young people such as friendships that will last a lifetime. It was also very special to be given the chance to hold and wear an Olympic medal, silver in colour although Roger described it as his Olympic gold medal.

With the awards then under way, it was very exciting that two of Alpha’s coaches were shortlisted as Performance Coach of the Year. Both Christine Bothwell and Hannah Gadsden were shortlisted which was a great achievement in itself, with the honour finally going to a coach from Petersfield Football Club.

Alpha’s long-standing member and coach, Francesca Hamilton, was also shortlisted for Senior Sportswoman of the Year for her outstanding work this year in DMT. With great cheers from the team, it was her coach Christine’s honour to go and collect the award on her behalf when she was named as the winner.

With tremendous excitement, Alpha were shortlisted in the top three for the Club of the Year Award as well. With Archie doing a fantastic job of representing us up on the stage, it was a very proud moment from everyone involved when we were named as the winners!



After only introducing DMT as a discipline for club members from January onwards, it was a brave group of 5 members with coach Christine who headed to the final regional test event at the beginning of January. As they missed the first regional test event as DMT hadn’t got going at club, this was their one chance to make it through to the Regional Team Qualifiers.

Despite their relative inexperience in the sport, all 5 of Alpha’s members did outstandingly well, sticking all of their passes and scoring highly throughout the competition. The results were fantastic with all 5 members qualifying through to the Regional Team Qualifier at the end of the month. Final results were:

NDP 1 13+ Boys - Paul B 1st

NDP 2 11-12 Girls - Molly C 1st

NDP 2 13+ Girls - Emily C 2nd

NDP 7 15-16 Boys - Robert H 1st

NDP 7 17+ Girls - Francesca H 1st

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The Regional Team Championships were held towards the end of the year and was open to all clubs in the Southern Region - an area which spreads all over Hampshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. This year, a new structure split the region into Division 1 and Division 2 and due to good performances by Alpha last year, we had one team in each division.

With 6 out of 8 routines counting towards the final total, it was down to team members to produce good, solid routines with high execution marks. Alpha did remarkably well across the board and completed over 80% of routines with execution scores creeping up to the highest levels.

In Division 1, the Alpha team of Annabel Steel, April Stoker,

Beth Thorpe, Ethan Goulden, Lewis Stag, Molly Carrington,

Coley Holbrook and Robert Hamilton, did fantastically well

against some of the best clubs in the region. Holding their own,

some excellent routines were produced, including some

personal best scores, and the team finished in 4th place.

                                                                  In Division 2, the Alpha team of Beth Brooks, Emily Crosskey, Faith Hoban,                                                                   Hannah Cooke, Lucie Trillaud, Marcus Goulden, Paul Bezant and Ruth                                                                   Morgan, also stood up to the test, and despite mostly being in the early                                                                   regional grades, scored terrifically to finish 5th in the division.

                                                                 With the top 5 teams receiving medals, it was smiles all around for the two                                                                   Alpha teams and their coaches!


After a lot of deliberation and a final weekend of moving, Alpha are now completely settled into their new home at Eggar’s School, Alton, Hampshire! Now with 6 trampolines running each session, more spaces are available and the club are happy to welcome the many new members who have started this year!

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The second and final regional competition of the season took place on the 21st February at Milton Keynes. Just a few weeks after the first competition, there was hard work from everyone to improve their routines and come back better than ever. There were also a few more Alpha members making their regional competition debut and with 32 members in action, Alpha were one of the biggest clubs at the regional. There were some super performances throughout the competition, with members stepping up a gear and hitting qualification scores all over the show. With 22 Alpha members already qualified through to the Regional Team Qualifier in March, another 9 were added at this competition. Full results for Alpha members were as follows:

NDP 1 7-8 Girls: Eloise B - 1st

NDP 1 9-10 Boys: Archie L - 3rd

NDP 1 9-10 Girls: Jess T - 9th; Freya J - 22nd

NDP 1 11-12 Boys: Callum S - 2nd

NDP 1 11-12 Girls: Tegan P - 5th; Keira P - 21st; Mary H - 23rd

NDP 1 13+ Girls: Hannah C - 6th; Lola D - 7th; Susanna H - 8th; Katie C - 10th; Charli H - 15th; Aimee H - 16th; Kathryn T - 18th; Jess H - 27th

NDP 2 11-12 Boys: Marcus G - 2nd; Tivon D - 3rd

NDP 2 11-12 Girls: Lucie T - 1st; Amelie B - 8th

NDP 2 13+ Girls: Beth B - 2nd

NDP 3 13+ Boys: Paul B - 4th; Ethan L - 5th

NDP 4 11-12 Girls: Molly C - 3rd; Faith H - 8th

NDP 4 13+ Girls: Amy R - 8th

NDP 4 13+ Boys: Ethan G - 4th

NDP 5 13-14 Girls: April S - 5th

NDP 5 15+ Girls: Annabel S - 1st

NDP 7 15-16 Boys: Robert H - 2nd; Lewis S - 3rd

This means the following Alpha members have qualified to the Regional Team Qualifier in March:

Eloise B, Callum S, Marcus G, Keira P, Mary H, Tegan P, Aimee H, Charli H, Hannah C, Kathryn T, Katie C, Lola D, Susanna H, Jess T, Tivon D, Amelie B, Lucie T, Louis B, Beth B, Beth T, Ethan L, Paul B, Faith H, Molly C, Ethan G, Amy R, Emily C, April S, Annabel S, Lewis S, Robert H

A huge congratulations to all!

In the afternoon at Milton Keynes, a few of Alpha’s members took part in the Regional Letter Grades, to great success! Final results were:

Lola D - 3rd, Grade G Under 15 Girls and qualified to Grade F

Amy R - 3rd, Grade G, Over 15 Ladies

Paul B - 2nd, Grade F Under 15 Boys

Beth B - 3rd, Grade F Over 15 Ladies

Ruth M - 7h, Grade E Over 15 Ladies

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Following the only DMT NDP regional competition that Alpha members got to take part in on 6th February, it was a couple of weeks of training later that they were in action again at the Regional Team Qualifier. After all 5 DMT members hit the scores to make it to this next round, it was all pressure

on again with a higher score to hit per round in order to make it through

to the Regional Team Finals.

Despite their relative inexperience in the discipline, all 5 of Alpha’s

DMT members did amazingly well - stepping up their execution,

increasing their confidence and sticking their landings.

With a super competition, all 5 members have qualified to represent the

Southern Region at the Regional Team Finals in May. An amazing job!



Alpha Trampoline Club were out in force at the Southern Region Novice, Letter Grades and Synchronised Trampoline competition in June. With 37 individual competitors and 3 synchro pairs, Alpha were one of the largest contingents as well as being one with a lot of happy faces!

The novice competition was the chance for Alpha’s less experienced members to show their stuff, with many appearing in their first ever trampoline competition. 17 Alpha members were competing in the novice grades, between the ages of 7 and 11. At this level, the focus is on completing and doing the moves of the routine well, so medals were awarded based on the execution scores. Impressively, 14 out of Alpha’s 17 novice competitors were awarded an execution medal, justifying the hard work they put in to the neatness of their moves. Execution medals were awarded to the following:

Silver: Sam K - Grade I 10-11yrs

Bronze: Bea C, Duncan J, Ethan S, Luke H - CDP 2; Phoebe R,

Logan K - CDP 1; Lilia C, Lila W - Grade H; Charlotte F,

Elizabeth D - Grade I 8 yrs; Maddie J, Orla M, Jacob B - Grade I 9 yrs

The letter grades are an alternative regional structure offered in the South

and again, many Alpha members were competing at this level for the first

time, beginning their regional competition careers with the hope of

advancing through the grades. Just as in the novice competition, Alpha

competitors held their own and produced some brilliant routines, earning

podiums and qualifications all over the place! Highlights came from the


Qualifications: Grade G to Grade F - Lucie T, Tegan P, Courtney I, Susanna H, Katie C, Amy R, Katie S; Grade F to Grade E - Ethan G, Emily C

Podiums: Tivon D, Callum S - Grade G U13 Boys =1st; Ethan G - Grade F U15 Boys 1st; Emily C - Grade F O15 Ladies 1st; Beth B - Grade F O15 Ladies 2nd; Amy R - Grade G O15 Ladies 2nd

The synchronised trampoline event was a fun finish to the day where pairs are required to complete routines side by side with scores given for the execution of both routines as well as for the level of synchronisation. Alpha had 3 pairs competing in the different groups with results as follows:

Lucie T & Molly C - 5th, U13 Synchro

Francesca H & Annabel S - 3rd, Open Synchro

Emily C & April S - 1st, U15 Synchro

A wonderfully successful day for all involved!


The end of the regional competition season was a very busy one for Alpha. Following the two regional trampoline competitions at the beginning of the year, the next event was a Regional Team Qualifier, from which only the top 2 in each group (provided they hit minimum execution scores) would go through to the next round. With Alpha members having done so well at the regional competitions thus far, there was a huge contingent present contesting the spaces. By the end of the day, Alpha members who had hit minimum scores and finished top 2 in their group to go through and represent the Southern Region at Regional Team Finals were:

Eloise B - NDP 1 7-8yrs (hit all the qualification criteria but too young this year)

Marcus G - NDP 1 11-12yrs

Lola D - NDP 1 13+yrs

Louis B - NDP 2 13+yrs

Beth T - NDP 3 11-12yrs

Paul B - NDP 3 13+yrs

Robert H - NDP 7 15-16yrs

Lewis S - NDP 7 15-16yrs

The results meant that Alpha had 6 trampoline and 5 DMT gymnasts heading to Birmingham to represent the Southern Region. At this event, competitors from all 13 of the nation’s regions were in action with exceptionally high standards across the groups. Final results for Alpha members were as follows:

Marcus G - 3rd, NDP 1 11-12 Boys: qualified to NDP Finals

Lola D - 13th, NDP 1 13+ Girls

Louis B - 11th, NDP 2 13+ Boys

Paul B - 13th, NDP 3 13+ Boys

Lewis S - 8th, NDP 7 15-16 Boys

Robert H - 3rd, NDP 7 15-16 Boys: qualified to NDP


Paul B - 1st, DMT NDP 1 13+ Boys: qualified to NDP


Molly C - 4th, DMT NDP 2 11-12 Girls: qualified to

NDP Finals

Emily C - 13th, DMT NDP 2 13+ Girls

Francesca H - 7th, DMT NDP 7 17+ Girls

Robert H - 1st, DMT NDP 7 15-16 Boys: qualified to NDP Finals

The excellent results from this competition means that Alpha brought back 4 medals for the Southern Region and now have two trampoline and three DMT gymnasts through to the final competiton, the NDP Finals in Telford. An excellent job done by all!

Alpha’s Southern Region




Alpha certainly had reason to celebrate at the NDP Finals held in Telford at the beginning of July after bringing back 5 medals out of 5 competitions groups.

The Finals are the culmination of the NDP season which has seen competitors have to qualify at two regional competitions, a Regional Team Qualifier, and then Regional Team Finals to compete. Alpha were very pleased to have 4 competitors contesting 5 competition groups at Finals - a credit to the club’s focus on execution and high standards.

The first day of competition saw 3 Alpha members in action, and despite their young ages, all three held their nerve fantastically to produce on the big stage. Marcus G completed two brilliant routines on trampoline to finish with the silver medal in the NDP 1 11-12 Boys group. Molly C and Paul B

were in action on the DMT and both did four fantastic passes;

Molly stepping up from Regional Team Finals and this time

finishing with the silver medal in the NDP 2 11-12 Girls group,

and Paul securing the gold medal in the NDP 1 13+ Boys.

The second day of competition saw

the higher levels in action and

Robert H was competing in both

trampoline and DMT. First up in the

day was his trampoline group which

saw some exceptional routines and ended with Robert taking the bronze medal in the           NDP 7 15-16 Boys. In the afternoon, it was his chance to step up to the DMT in the               NDP 7 15-16 Boys group as well - this being the highest level below Elite in the                     country for DMT. He held his passes incredibly well, securing the gold medal in his                second event.

It was a hugely successful day for the club with 5 out of 5 medals, including 1 bronze,           2 silver and 2 gold. The competitors were a credit to the club and their medals were a           deserving reward for all the hard work they have put in throughout the season.

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