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Alpha celebrated more success at the second regional competition of the season, held in Southampton on 2nd March. 14 members of the club were in action - another good turnout with almost half the club represented at regional competitive standard.

Hannah M, Annabel S, Robert H and Dom P were all competing in the top two levels of the new National Development Plan structure and every one of them managed a podium finish. Hannah took bronze in the 15+ Ladies Level 5, Dom finished 3rd in the 13-14 Boys Level 5, Annabel also ended up 3rd in the 15-16 Girls Level 6 and Robert gained the 1st place trophy in the 13-14 Boys Level 6.

The afternoon grading continued successfully for Alpha with 10 members competing. At Over 15 Ladies Grade G, Katie H did an excellent second routine but unfortunately a mistake in her first routine saw her finishing 11th and


Alpha were very proud of their younger coaches, Francesca and Katie, when both completed the next steps in their coaching journeys. Francesca had a lot of work to do to complete the UKCC Level 2 Coaching Course, but along with her mentor, Director of Coaching Christine Bothwell, she put the hours in and came out with exceptionally high marks in her assessments. She is now already booked on to the first module of her Level 3 - a great achievement! Meanwhile, Katie completed her Level 3 Module 1 and got everything signed off to enable her to coach more complex skills on the trampoline.

Alpha TC are very proud to have such dedicated and hard-working coaches and wish them both lots of success in their coaching careers!


missing out on qualification. In the Under 15 Girls Grade G, Beth B was in her 2nd ever competition and Emily C was in her 1st. They both did brilliantly to finish 5th and 7th respectively in a big group of 17. The podium finishes continued with the younger members at Grade G with Beth T taking the 3rd place trophy in the Under 11 Girls and Paul B finishing in gold medal position in the Under 13 Boys. Abi P only qualified to Grade E at the last competition and stepped up brilliantly, competing two solid routines and securing 7th place in a very tough group of Over 15 Ladies. Ruth M ended a credible 12th place in the Over 13 Grade F Ladies. The day ended with 3 Alpha members in the Under 13 Grade F Girls. April S only started with Alpha 4 months ago and qualified up from Grade G only four weeks ago but did two fantastic routines to finish 8th in her first Grade F competition.  Faith H swiftly followed in 7th with Molly C taking 5th in the group. All 3 of them did so well that Alpha’s first ever team in a group ended up taking the team gold medal!

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Alpha Trampoline Club were thrilled to have their member, Francesca H, recognised at the East Hampshire Sports Awards that were held at Old Thorns Country Club on 27th February. Nominated by Director of Coaching, Christine Bothwell, for her outstanding year in which she gained the British Championship in her age group and grade, Francesca deservedly won the Senior Sportswoman of the Year award at the prestigious event and was handed her trophy by local 5-time Paralympic medallist, Peter Norfolk. A lovely event and a great opportunity to celebrate the club’s successes!

L-R: Hannah Gadsden (Director of Coaching), Francesca H, Christine Bothwell (Director of Coaching)


The first regional competition of the season was held this year in Farnborough on 2nd February. After only running a year, Alpha had 13 members taking part which was a fantastic turnout and everybody looked very smart in their kit!

The day started well with 4 members in action in the top 2 grade of the new national trampolining structure, the National Development Plan. Hannah M competed in 15+ Ladies Level 5 and did fantastically well to finish 2nd, while Dom P competed in his first ever competition in the 13-14 Level 5 Boys and finished 2nd in his competition group. Annabel S and Robert H were both in action in the top regional grade, Level 6. Annabel was leading after her first routine but a slip in the second left her just off the podium in 4th place. Robert performed a fantastic compulsory routine and attempted his most difficult voluntary routine to date. There was a bit of a wobble but he still came through it well and finished 1st in his group.

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In the afternoon, those competing in the old regional structure took their turn with all Alpha members finishing in top 10 positions. In the entry level, Grade G, Alpha members Katie H, Beth T, Beth B, April S and Paul B all did two excellent routines. Beth B and April S were competing in their first ever trampoline competition and not only finished 5th and 4th respectively but also both qualified up to Grade F. Katie H, Beth T and Paul B were all representing Alpha for the first time and finished 10th in Over 15

Ladies, 6th in Under 11 Girls, and 4th in Under 13 Boys respectively. At Grade F, Molly C and Faith H were competing in Under 13 Girls despite both only being 9 years old. They both did superbly with Molly finishing in 4th and Faith in 6th. Rounding up the day, Abi P and Ruth M were in action in the Over 13 Ladies Grade F. Ruth performed well and managed 8th place while Abi really stepped up to the mark, finishing with another 1st place trophy and securing a qualification up to Grade E.

An incredibly successful first competitive outing for the year for Alpha and one the coaches certainly want to see repeated!



Alpha TC members were once again in action at the Southern Region Novice and Synchronised competition, held at Alton Sports Centre. With 12 members competing in the Novice section, and 12 members making up 6 pairs in the Synchro section, Alpha were a force to be reckoned with!

In the Novice groups, Alpha had 12 members ranging from 7-14 years old, all taking part in their first ever trampoline competition. No matter the age or grade, every single one of Alpha’s novice competitors achieved a top 10 finish - a fantastic feat! Execution medals were given out for competitors who achieved certain scores for execution in their routines and Alpha winners were as follows:

Silver execution medal: Caitlin B, Ethan L

Bronze execution medal: Freya G, Mary H, Max H-J, Sienna C

The Synchro competition was definitely a crowd-pleaser with two competitors attempting to perform the same routine at exactly the same time on their respective trampolines. Alpha TC members were very new to this form of competition but thoroughly enjoyed the experience. In the Under 13 group, Paul B and Faith H had a little wobble but finished brilliantly just outside the top 10 in 11th. In the Under 15 group, Alpha had two pairs in action - Dom P and Robert H; Beth B and Emily C . The girls had an unfortunate fall in their first routine but got up to perform fantastically in their second routine, earning the second highest score of their group and finishing in 8th. The boys were unlucky not to finish in the medals but competed two good routines, finishing in 5th place, just 0.1 behind 3rd! Three pairs were competing for Alpha in the Over 15 group. Kathryn T and Nicole H had a great effort and finished 16th in the largest group of the day. The young pairing of April S and Annabel S did really well in their routines, particularly in their synchronisation, and ended in 11th. The final highlight of the day ended up falling to Alpha coaches, Francesca H and Christine B, who despite a bit of tension in their first routine, came through brilliantly to finish top of the leaderboard and were handed the 1st place trophies.

The day was a great success and it was fantastic to see so many new competitors enjoying their first competition experience. All members were so supportive of each other and it was a delight to see all the smiling faces!

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Alpha competitors at Southern Region Novice and Synchronised Competition 2014


One of Alpha’s Directors of Coaching, Christine Bothwell, has been busy continuing her development and progression as a coach.

After completing a Level 2 coaching course for Double-Mini Trampoline, Christine passed her theory and practical exams with an overall pass mark of 90%. Now we just need to work out how to incorporate this exciting discipline into Alpha training!

Following this, Christine also managed to get her UKCC Level 3 Module 4 signed off and her certification for it completed. This makes her one of the most qualified coaches in the local area - Alpha are very proud!


Two of Alpha Trampoline Club’s members, Robert H and Hannah M, finished on the podium while representing the Southern Region at the inaugural Trampoline and Tumbling Regional Finals.

Held at the West Point Arena in Exeter, this event required competitors to achieve certain qualification scores during the regional season in order to be selected to represent their region. Each region of the country then forwarded their team of competitors to take part at the event. Alpha were very proud to have two of their members chosen for the Southern Region team and they did the club proud at a national level, competing against no fewer than 11 other regions, including teams from all over England as well as Scotland and Wales.

Robert H was competing in the top regional level, NDP 6, and in the 13-14 Boys Group. Remaining focussed throughout, he performed two of his finest routines under pressure and was rewarded with the highest scores in his group of 9. His impressive form resulted in him being top of the podium and being crowned Regional Champion in his grade and age!

Hannah M was competing in the NDP 5 17+ Ladies and found herself

in a tough group of 9 competitors. Holding her nerve and stepping up

to the plate, she performed two fantastic routines in front of the judges.

She was rewarded with a well-deserved spot on the podium, taking

home the bronze medal in her group.

An excellent effort by both competitors and congratulations to them

both and to their coaches!

Hannah M: 3rd, NDP 5 17+ Ladies

Robert H: 1st, NDP 6 13-14 Boys

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Alpha members were once again in action at the final regional assessment of the season, held on the Isle of Wight.

Robert H started the day off well with two brilliant routines in the 13-14 Boys NDP 6 group, finishing in 2nd place and with a well-earned place on the Southern Region team for Regional Finals.

In the afternoon, it was the turn of the old regional grading and Alpha had 8 members competing. At the entry competitive level, Grade G, Alpha had 4 members competing and of them, 2 qualified up to Grade F. Beth T finished with the 2nd place trophy in the Under 11 Girls and scored so highly that we can choose whether she qualified up to Grade F or leapfrogs straight to Grade E. Katie H missed just outside the medals in 4th in the Over 15 Ladies but qualified comfortably up to the next grade. Kathryn T was competing in her first ever competition and managed a credible 7th, while Paul B was very unlucky not to have qualified but topped his group in 1st place in the Under 13 Boys.

The other 4 club members were competing at the second regional level, Grade F. Ruth M had a bit of a wobble in her routines and finished in 9th in the Over 13 Ladies while April S, who only joined the club 5 months ago, ended up 9th in a very tough group, missing qualification by only 1 mark. Our other two competitors, Molly C and Faith H, were both in action in the Under 13 Girls and both completed two fantastic routines. They finished 6th and 7th respectively and both earned a qualification up to Grade E.

An incredibly successful day for Alpha with 9 competing members achieving 4 qualifications and 3 podium finishes between them!

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With the usual training hall out of use on 17th September, Alpha ran a fitness boot-camp outside at Anstey Park for any hardy members who could attend. In very good weather (particularly in contrast to some boot-camp sessions Alpha have run!), 12 members took to the challenge with great commitment and gusto!

Bootcamp fun with Alpha!


After postponing the annual Family Garden Party due to forecast weather that turned out to be incorrect, fingers were firmly crossed for sunshine on the new date set in August! Luckily, the sun just about shone and despite the cool breeze, lots of Alpha members and their families made it out to enjoy a bit of social time and some fun and games.

The traditional Parents & Coaches v. Kids rounders match took place and although it was a hard-fought match, this year the Kids team managed to just pip the adults with a score of 11.5 to 11 rounders. The tally now stands at 1-1 so bring on next year!

With the barbecues running, there was plenty of food and drink to be had and there were plenty of games on offer as well: a bouncy slide, badminton net, croquet and quoits to name but a few. And of course there was the gymnastics and acrobatic formations that Alpha members (and coaches) always seem to be getting themselves into! Great fun was had by everyone and we look forward to seeing even more members at next year’s Summer Family Garden Party!

Alpha Trampoline Club

Family Garden Party 2014

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Two of Alpha’s members took to the national stage on the last weekend of August, competing at the inaugural National Trampoline League event held in Cardiff.

For Annabel S, it was her first step up to national level and she did some fantastic routines with style during her warm ups. Her first routine for the judges went well and saw her lying 9th in her group of 24 competitors. Unfortunately, a landing on the end mat in her second routine meant she didn’t make the final but it was a great experience and something to work on for the next event!

At League 1, Francesca H was also stepping up a gear, competing 3 different double somersaults across her routines for the first time. During warm-ups, Francesca actually injured her leg on the springs but carried on to get through her competition. Her first routine started well but over-rotating her final move, she landed on seat instead of feet and was marked out of 9. She made up for it with a brilliant second routine however, showing her strength of character and the progress she has made both physically and psychologically. Despite the fall in her first routine, Francesca finished 9th in her group, just outside the top 8 final.

Well done to both girls and good luck to all the competitors taking part in the next League competition!

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A huge contingent from Alpha TC were in action at a local friendly competition held at Alton Sports Centre on 28th September. With 23 members competing, Alpha already has over half of its members at a competitive standard. And what a standard they set! An unbelievable 22 out of 23 Alpha competitors came away with either a trophy, execution medal or both. As well as trophies handed out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in a group, there were also bronze, silver and gold medals awarded for the execution, or neatness, of the routines performed.

The Novice groups saw 9 of Alpha’s members competing, all in either their first or second competitions ever. Medals and trophies were abounding however, with even first-time competitors showing their technique and style. An unprecedented 7 out of the 9 competitors ended up on the podium with lots of medals handed out for the neatness of their routines.

In the National Development Plan groups, Alpha continued their podium success with members producing excellent routines at a very high standard. Many were trying new routines at the competition and out of the 14 competitors in the higher grades, all were awarded medals for their execution scores and 10 ended up with trophies on the podium.

The competition was a huge success for the club and the coaches were particularly proud of the great number of execution medals that were handed out to members. The fact that the majority given to Alpha TC members were silver, with a couple of golds, points to the hard work the club have put in to the technical aspects of trampolining and their focus on the execution of moves from beginners right up to the highest levels.

Full set of results listing placing followed by colour of execution medal:

Novice Under 10 Girls: Anna J - 1st, silver; Freya G - 9th

Novice Under 10 Boys: Danny P - 2nd; Archie L - 3rd, bronze

Novice Age 10 Girls: Lucie T - 2nd, silver; Mary H - 3rd, silver

Novice Age 11 Girls: Susanna H - 2nd, silver

Novice Under 14 Girls: Katie C - 6th, silver

Novice Over 14 Girls: Elspeth H - 1st, silver

NDP 1 Under 11 Girls: Sienna C - 3rd, bronze

NDP 1 Over 11 Girls: Coley H - 1st, silver; Kathryn T - 3rd, bronze

NDP 2 Under 13 Girls: Beth T - 4th, gold; April S - 5th, silver

NDP 2 Over 13 Girls: Beth B - 1st, silver; Emily C - 3rd, silver

NDP 2 Boys: Paul B - 2nd, silver; Ethan L - 4th, silver

NDP 3 Girls: Molly C - 1st, gold

NDP 4 Girls: Faith H - 2nd, silver

NDP 5 Girls: Abbie P - 5th, silver

NDP 5 Boys: Dom P - 3rd, silver

NDP 6 Girls: Annabel S - 1st, silver

With fitness challenges including ‘Teams of 3’, ‘Accumulation’ and ‘Teamwork Tabata’ mixed in with games of ‘Extreme Duck Duck Goose’, ‘Animal Pentathlon’ and ‘Secret Word’, muscles were worked, team spirit was built on, and lots of laughing was done!

Well done to everyone who turned out and special congratulations to the team of Francesca H, Anna J and Beth T who finished top in the Teamwork Tabata!


After their first outing to the new National Trampoline League at the end of August, Alpha were keen to step up in the new system and had members taking part in two further League competitions in October and November.

First up was the League event in Gillingham at the end of October which ran alongside the international David Ward-Hunt Cup that Francesca was taking part in. Alpha member, Faith H, was taking part in the Disability Trampoline category of the National Trampoline League for the first time and held her nerve fantastically well to finish 1st in the Category 2 Girls 9+. Also in action were Annabel S and Abigail P in the League 3 15-16 Girls and both performed two solid routines to finish 19th and 20th respectively in a large group of 35. Competing in the League 3 13-14 Boys, Robert H made his first appearance at a national level and qualified through to the final of his group in 2nd place. After stepping up his routine in the final, Robert managed to come away in top position and with the gold medal.

The final Trampoline League event was held in Liverpool in November and four members made the long trip up north. In the League 3 15-16 Girls, Annabel S and Abigail P were once again in action and finished 12th and 20th respectively. Following them swiftly was Robert H competing in the League 3 13-14 Boys. Stepping his performance up from the weekend

before, Robert dominated the group,

finishing the preliminary rounds

almost 4 points clear at the top of the

board. With a zero final, Robert still

had to maintain his nerve in his last

routine but he did so, receiving

another gold medal in two

consecutive League events.

Francesca H was competing on the

Sunday in the League 1 19+ Ladies

and once again performed brilliantly

to qualify through to the final in top

position and holding 1st place. Again with a zero final, everybody in the top 8 had equal opportunity to steal a podium place and Francesca did exceedingly well to hold on to a spot on the podium, finishing the final in a very credible 2nd place.

Due to their great performances and success at the League events, four Alpha members - Robert H, Francesca H, Annabel S and Faith H - have all qualified through and will be competing for Alpha TC at the Trampoline League Finals in Cambridge in December.


Alpha TC member, Francesca H, was in action this year at the international event, the David Ward-Hunt Cup - a memorial event that sees performers entering from several clubs based in countries such as Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark, along with national teams representing Wales and France.

Francesca was competing in one of the top groups, the Level 1 17-21 Ladies and put in a strong performance during preliminaries on the Saturday to qualify through to the finals in 2nd place. With the finals on Sunday resetting to zero, everything was to play for. Francesca stood up to compete fantastically, receiving excellent execution marks with her rising difficulty in her final routine and was rewarded with a spot on the podium. Finishing in 2nd place and sandwiched between 1st place for Team Wales and 3rd place for Flanders Trampoline Club in Belgium, this was a great taste of international success for both Francesca and Alpha.

An international podium for Francesca and Alpha TC


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