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After only a few weeks of training, two of Alpha’s intrepid members, Francesca H and

Molly C, took part in the first DMT Regional Assessment in Romsey. After passing her

DMT Club Coach last year, coach Christine was keen to start including the new

discipline where possible and with the help of Lisa at Xcel Gymnastics, a few training

sessions were organised. Committing very well to the training, both Francesca and

Molly did outstandingly well, particularly with such little practice beforehand. Although

they both missed the qualification criteria to Regional Team Finals because of only 1 or

2 passes that went a little wobbly, Francesca came away with the 2nd place trophy in

NDP 6 15+ Ladies, and Molly took the 1st place trophy in NDP 2 11-12 Girls. Fingers

crossed for the next competition in just a month’s time!


The local awards season kicked off in January with the Alton District Sports Awards being held at Chawton Indoor Bowls Club and run by the sports council with support from Four Marks Rotary Club.

Alpha was well represented at the event after the club and member’s fantastic year in 2014. In a tough group, Robert H (nominated by Christine) was a runner-up in the Junior Sportsman category after his excellent performances through 2014 despite time out from training due to a

broken wrist. After a successful year at national and international

Standard, Francesca H (nom. Christine) won Senior Sportswoman,

and after competing up at national level for the first time, Faith H

(nom. Christine) won Junior Disability Sportswoman. The working

side of the club were not to be outdone however, with Christine B

(nom. Francesca) winning Coach of the Year, and Katie H

(nom. Christine) winning Official of the Year. The club were also

nominated by Hannah for the Club of the Year, but were narrowly

pipped to the post by an impressive Bowls Club.

At the East Hampshire Sports Awards, held at Old Thorn Country Club, in February, many Alpha members were once again short-listed for various awards. In the Junior Disability Sportsperson, Faith H was short-listed, along with another trampolinist from Alton Trampoline Club. After her superb effort and progress this year (and speech during the event!), Faith was deservedly awarded the trophy. Christine B was also short-listed for Coach of the Year, but despite a successful year both personally and with her performers, she finished as a runner-up in the category. Katie H was also short-listed for Official of the Year and was rewarded with the trophy for her untiring effort in judging for the club. Well done to everybody!



On 1st February, a large contingent of Alpha members made their way to Farnborough Leisure Centre for the first regional competition of the year. There were a lot of first time competitors for the club and many current competitors were moving up levels or grades for the first time.

The morning competition saw those competing in the BG NDP Levels in action. Notable performances from Alpha members were as follows:

Faith H - 4th in NDP 4 11-12 Girls

April S - 5th in NDP 4 13+ Girls and hit qualification score for Regional Finals

Beth T - 2nd in NDP 3 9-10 Girls

Paul B - 2nd in NDP 2 11-12 Boys and hit qualification score for Regional Finals

Sienna C - 4th in NDP 1 9-10 Girls

Lucie T - 6th in NDP 1 11-12 Girls and hit qualification score for Regional Finals

Coley H - 2nd in NDP 1 13+ Girls and hit qualification score for Regional Finals

The afternoon competition was for the old BG letter grades and notable performances from Alpha members were as follows:

Paul B - 1st in Grade G Under 13 Boys

Beth T - 2nd in Grade F Under 11 Girls and qualified to Grade E

April S - 5th in Grade F Under 15 Girls and qualified to Grade E

Ruth M - 4th in Grade F Over 15 Ladies


Alpha celebrated the end of the year with two very exciting club events - the annual Club Championships, and the Club Awards Ceremony and Christmas Party. An impressive 39 members of the club competed at Club Champs, along with a group of 12 of Alton Convent School Trampoline Squad, and a group of 5 brave adult members. A wonderful family atmosphere filled the hall and the support from members’ relatives and friends who came to watch the routines on show was fantastic. Alongside the competition, there was also a charity raffle on offer in which the club managed to raise £140 for local children’s hospice, Naomi House.

Medallists in all groups were as follows:

Novice (Under 6): 1st - Tedi D; 2nd - Flick P; 3rd - Daisy S

Novice (Under 11): 1st - Jess T; 2nd - Jenny B; 3rd - Martha R L

Club Level: 1st - Mia C; 2nd - Freya G; 3rd - Conor H

Club Development Plan 1 & 2: 1st - Archie L; 2nd - Susanna H; 3rd - Phoebe G

National Development Plan 1: 1st - Coley H; 2nd - Kathryn T; 3rd - Sienna C

National Development Plan 2, 3 & 4: 1st - April S; 2nd - Emily C; 3rd - Paul B

National Development Plan 5 & higher: 1st - Francesca H; 2nd - Robert H; 3rd - Dom P

Adults: 1st - Victoria B; 2nd - Bex O; 3rd - Ed F

Two weeks following Club Champs, the whole club was

together again for the second annual Awards Ceremony

and Christmas Party. Award winners were as follows:

Club Colours - Freya G,

Archie L, Danny P, Mary H,

Anna J, Susanna H,

Max H-J, Sienna C,

Ethan L, Coley H, Lucie T, Katie C, Elspeth H

Regional Colours - Beth T, Ruth M, Paul B, Katie H, Emily C

Kathryn T, Molly C, April S, Dom P, Hannah M, Beth B

National Colours - Robert H, Faith H, Annabel S, Abi P

International Colours - Francesca H

Coach’s Award for Achievement: Dom P, Faith H, Beth T, Abi P, Emily C

Coach’s Award for Effort: Annabel S, Anna J, Paul B, Archie L, Jess T

Coach’s Special Award: Robert H

Conditioning Cup 11 and Under: Mary H

Conditioning Cup 12+: Katie C

Assistant Coaches: Abi P, Annabel S, Dom P, Robert H

Junior Ambassadors 2015: April S, Ethan L

Alpha Award 2014 for Outstanding Teamwork and Support for the Club: Molly C


In December, 4 members of Alpha attended the National Trampoline League Finals in Cambridge after qualifying through to the event during the season.

On the Saturday, preliminary events took place with 3 Alpha members performing well in their groups. Annabel’s group of League 3 15-16 Girls was so large that it was the top 16 that qualified through to a semi-final the following morning. Robert H (League 3 13-14 Boys) and Francesca H (League 1 19+ Ladies) both competed brilliantly, ensuring their places in the top 8 final by both going through in 2nd place.

Sunday was finals day and Annabel S was first up in her group semi-final. With only one routine to impress the judges, she competed a confident routine but missed out on a final spot, finishing in an admirable 13th place. Faith H was then in action in the Disability Trampoline Category 2 9+ Girls and stepped up to deliver to the judges, finishing with the gold medal and a huge smile! In the League 3 13-14 Boys, it was a zero final meaning everything was to play for. Holding his nerve when it counted, Robert raised his game and finished with the gold medal. In one of the final groups of the day, Francesca competed in a very tough League 1 19+ Ladies group. Despite a bit of a wobble, Francesca held her own against some of the best trampolinists in the country and maintained a place on the podium, finishing in 3rd place. A great set of results from everybody involved throughout the season!

Faith, Francesca and Robert with their National League Finals medals

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The second regional event of the season in 2015 was only 6 weeks after the first; a time during which Alpha members excelled themselves at working extra hard on their execution and tweaking routines in the limited time available. A smaller Alpha contingent made their way to Milton Keynes on 22nd March with 12 members competing in the NDP Levels in the morning, and 9 members competing in the DEFG grades in the afternoon. Alpha had a good regional outing with notable performances from the following members:

Beth T - 1st  in NDP 3 9-10 Girls and hit qualification criteria for RTF

Beth B - 1st in NDP 1 13+ Girls and hit qualification criteria for RTF

Dom P - 4th in NDP 5 15+ Boys; 1st in Grade G Over 15 Boys and qualified to Grade F

Lewis S - 3rd in NDP 2 13+ Boys and hit qualification criteria for RTF; 2nd in Grade G Over 15 Boys (in his first ever trampoline competition!)

Paul B - 2nd in NDP 2 11-12 Boys and hit qualification criteria for RTF; 3rd in Grade G Under 13 Boys

Ruth M - 2nd in Grade F Over 15 Ladies and qualified to Grade E

Annabel S - 2nd in Grade E Over 15 Ladies and qualified to Grade D

April S - 7th in NDP 4 13+ Girls and hit qualification criteria for RTF; 6th in Grade E Under 15 Girls

Coley H - 5th in NDP 1 13+ Girls and hit qualification criteria for RTF

Emily C - 6th in Grade G Under 15 Girls and qualified to Grade F

Faith H - 4th in NDP 4 11-12 Girls


Having only had a few weeks training before the first DMT competition of the season, it was then a very quick turnaround of 4 weeks before the second one was upon us. However, despite the tough and intense season in a new discipline, both Molly C and Francesca H stepped up their game at the final competition to prove themselves well capable in this new sport for the club.

                                                                               Francesca H was competing at the top regional grade, NDP 6, and                                                                                 finished 1st in the 15+ Ladies group. Molly C was competing in the                                                                                 11-12 Girls NDP 2 group and performed great passes to also come                                                                                 away with the 1st place trophy. Both girls also scored highly enough                                                                                 to hit the qualification criteria and are eligible to compete for the                                                                                 Southern Region at Regional Team Finals at the end of May.

                                                                                Well done to both!

Molly C pushing up on the DMT

Lewis S in action at his first trampoline competition



On Sunday, 19th April, Alpha coaches attended the Southern Region CPD workshops in order to further their knowledge. Hannah G and Christine B attended the Performance workshop, which gave a great insight into zero deductions, while Coley H attended the Play with a Purpose workshop and has lots of fun ideas to improve spatial and body awareness on the trampoline!


After some training runs and obstacle preparation, intrepid Alpha

coaches, Hannah G and Christine B, tackled the Gauntlet Games

on Saturday, 18th April. This was a 5km run through various

obstacles with gladiators waiting to make things even harder!

Completing the course, both coaches were very muddy, wet,

tired and a bit bruised, but both were still laughing and very proud

of the £400 they’ve raised for the charity SANDS - the Stillborn

and Neonatal Death Charity. Well done and thank you to

everyone who donated!

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Alpha TC were celebrating after a huge haul of medals and trophies at the regional competition held on 7th June at Alton Sports Centre. The event featured a novice competition, a regional graded competition, and a synchronized trampolining competition. With 34 members competing, Alpha had almost half of its members at the event and was one of the largest entries in the whole region - quite a feat considering the young age of the club!

In the Novice competition, Alpha had a large number of entries - many of whom had only joined the club in the last 6 months and were competing for the very first time. The results were outstanding and a credit to the hard work of members and to the coaching team at the club. Positions were given in each group and execution medals were handed out for hitting certain scores. Top results were as follows:

1st place:

Marcus G - Club Level 2 10+

Lourdes P - Club Level 1 11+

2nd place:

Jess T - Club Level 2 Under 10

Amelie B - Club Level 2 10+

Katie C - Club Level 1 11+

Lola D - Grade I 12+

3rd place:

Charli H - Club Level 2 10+

Hannah C - Club Level 1 11+

4th place:

Susanna H - Club Level 2 10+

Keira P - Club Level 1 11+

Jess H - Grade I 12+

Callum S - Grade I 10-11 years

Gold execution medal:

Marcus G

Silver execution medal:

Amelie B, Charli H, Susanna H, Lourdes P, Katie C, Hannah C, Keira P, Lola D

Bronze execution medal:

Mary H, Jess T, Eloise B, Yas S, Callum S, Martha R L, Jess H, Molly J, Leila B

In the regional grading, Alpha continued its success with many members hitting personal bests in their routines. At this level, there were no execution medals on offer, but instead a chance to qualify up a grade if the set score was reached.

1st place:

Robert H - Grade D O15M

Katie H - Grade F O15F

Dom P - Grade F O15M

Lewis S - Grade G O15M

Ethan G - Grade G Under 15M

2nd place:

Annabel S - Grade D O15F

Paul B - Grade G Under 13M

3rd place:

April S - Grade E Under 15F

4th place:

Beth B - Grade G Under 15F

Ethan L - Grade G Under 13M


Katie H - F to E

Lewis S - G to F

Beth B - G to F

Ethan G - G to F

Paul B - G to F

In the synchronized competition, Alpha had 4 pairings who did brilliantly despite little practice at the discipline. In the Under 14 event, Molly C and April S finished a credible 7th, and Lewis S and Robert H managed a place higher in 6th in the Under 16 event. In the Over 16 event, the mixed pair of Annabel S and Dom P finished in 8th, with the pairing of Katie H and Coley H taking the second place trophy in the group.

It was a fantastic set of results across the day and with the highest ever level of routine completion, along with the biggest haul of trophies, medals and qualifications, Alpha certainly had a day to remember!

Alpha competitors showing off their winnings!

A good-looking Alpha podium with 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th in CDP 2 10+


Alpha were very proud to have 5 members competing and representing the Southern Region at the Regional Team Finals held in Peterborough at the end of May. In DMT, Molly C and Francesca H had both qualified in their groups, despite only having taken up the sport a few months previous. In trampoline, Beth B, Paul B, and Beth T all qualified for the Finals, although Beth T was unable to compete at the event. Ethan G also qualified when he was part of Alton Trampoline Club, but since transferred to join Alpha as a member.

The weekend was a great event with a lovely atmosphere and a real buzz within the Southern Region team. Molly C started the day on DMT in NDP 11-12 Girls with 3 fantastic passes which had her middle of her group. Unfortunately a slip on one of her passes put her out of the running, but it was an excellent performance nonetheless. Beth B did outstandingly well in her NDP 1 13+ Ladies group, scoring very highly and finishing a strong 6th place and qualifying to NDP Finals in July. Paul B had made some huge improvements in his NDP 2 11-12 Boys routines, but with a good first routine in the bag, a stumble in his second routine put an end to his competition. Ethan G had a similar fate when a brilliant first routine with personal best scores had him lying in first place, but a meeting with the end mat stopped his second routine short. Francesca H finished the weekend in the NDP 6 15+ Ladies DMT group and held her nerve to perform brilliantly, including her first double somersault dismount, and won the gold medal in the process. Francesca H and Beth B will both now compete at the NDP Finals in Telford in July. Well done all!

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The Directors of Coaching at Alpha TC were very pleased indeed to announce that they had completed and been awarded the GymMark accreditation from British Gymnastics. This is the British Gymnastics version of Sport England’s Clubmark and after various checks on documentation, procedures, policies and structures, Alpha Trampoline Club has been awarded it to recognise us as a safe, effective and child-friendly club! Well done to us all!



After qualifying at Regional Finals at the end of May in Peterborough, Alpha members Francesca H and Beth B were both in action at the NDP National Finals. Held at the International Centre in Telford, the national event saw the top gymnasts from NDP Levels 1-8 taking part in Trampoline, Double-Mini Trampoline and Tumbling. With all competitors having had to qualify through to the event from previous competitions, the standard was very high and Alpha were very proud to have two members taking part.

Beth B competed in the NDP 1 13+ Women’s group on the Saturday and despite

the big arena and stage, she held her nerve brilliantly to compete two superb

routines. After finishing 6th at the Regional Finals in Peterborough to secure her

place at this event, Beth managed to raise her game and scored excellently for her

execution. The hard work in the intervening months proved worth it and she was one

of the only people in her group to score 9’s for her routines. Two great routines saw

her finish 3rd in the group and win the bronze medal at a presentation ceremony

worthy of such a big event!

   Francesca H was competing in the DMT NDP 6 15+

   Women on the Sunday and performed excellently in a

   tough group with very high scoring. As she wasn’t feeling 100% on the weekend, a     few options for passes had been prepared and Francesca ended up competing a     slightly easier last pass at the competition in order to maintain the execution scores.

    The risk paid off as after 4 consistent passes, Francesca scored highly enough to              finish in 2nd place with the silver medal being awarded to her at another presentation


   Well done to both Beth and Francesca for their performances, and well done to                 Alpha and coaches - 2 out of  2 for medals!



On one of the rainiest days of the year, a large and intrepid group of Alpha members, siblings, parents and coaches hit the new Aqua Park in the New Forest! Organised by the coaching team, the club hired out the Aqua Park so just Alpha members and families could enjoy the giant inflatable obstacle course on the water! Despite the terrible weather, the event was a great success and members had a wonderful time flipping off the action tower, flying through the air on the trapeze, circling round and round the orb, and climbing the glacier (and more often falling back off)!

It was such an enjoyable event that plans for doing the same next year have already been suggested, although hopefully the weather will be on our side then! Hopefully everyone is looking forward to the next social event - the Family Garden Party on Sunday, 16th August!

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Alpha TC are very excited to confirm that they are moving venue to a bigger and better facility, just down the road at Eggar’s School, London Road, GU34 4EQ. The move will take place from September and will offer the club 6 trampolines per session with Double Mini Trampoline hopefully being added as a club discipline in the very near future. A great prospect for the club and a big thank you to all at Eggar’s for allowing us to make their school our new home!