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After two regional series DMT competitions in January and February, 12 Alpha gymnasts made their way to the DMT Regional Team Qualifier at Romsey. It was from this competition that gymnasts would be selected to represent the Southern Region at the Regional Team Finals in Birmingham in June. To do this, competitors had to hit a higher qualification score and finish in the top 2 of their competition group. Amazingly, 11 out of 12 of Alpha’s competitors made the mark, adding considerable numbers to the Southern Region team. A huge well done to them all as they head on to compete for the region in June!


9-10M: Ethan S - 2nd


13+F: Susanna H - 1st, Tegan P - 2nd

13+M: Tivon D - 1st, Callum S - 2nd


13+F: Emily C - 1st, Katie S - =2nd

13+M: Paul B - 2nd


13+F: April S - 2nd


15+F: Amy R - 2nd


15+F: Molly L - 1st


17M: Robert H - 1st


After a busy summer of preparation phase training, some of Alpha’s top level competitors were back in the highest levels of competition at the end of 2016.

November saw two big national level competitions that Alpha members were taking part in. First up was the re-instigated English Championships - a competition which three Alpha members were invited to attend because of their good performances throughout the year. Molly C and Robert H were invited to compete in the Silver Trampoline competition in the 11-12 Girls and 15-16 Boys respectively. Robert H was also invited to compete in the Silver 13-16 Boys Trampoline Team event for the Southern Region, an event which April S was also invited to compete for the Silver 13-16 Girls Trampoline Team. Robert H was also in action in the Gold DMT 15-16 Boys as well. All three members produced solid routines and passes on the day at a very high standard competition.

Molly C finished a very credible 9th place, just one spot

outside the finals in her first big national event. April

contributed some solid execution scores to her

Southern Region team which finished 3rd in their

category, while Robert did the same for the boys with

their team finishing 4th in their category. Robert’s

trampoline competition had a slight wobble in his second

routine, and with an accumulative final, it took its toll on

his final position with him finishing in 6th place. In the

Gold DMT event he excelled however, performing all 4

of his passes fantastically and resulting in him taking the

gold medal and being crowned Alpha’s first ever reigning English Champion.

Just a week later, Alpha had members in action at the National League Finals held at the Lee Valley Velodrome at the Olympic Park. Alpha had 4 members competing in 5 groups who had qualified through good performances at League events in the year. In the preliminary rounds on Saturday, all Alpha members made it through to the top 8 finals except for Annabel S, who despite making a mistake in her first routine, pulled out a fantastic second routine to finish 19th in her League 3 17-18 Girls event. On the Sunday, Alpha members were in finals mode. In League 3 19+ Men, Jaxon K got a PB in execution and Time of Flight and finished 0.1 outside of the medals in 4th place. Robert H had a tough time in the hugely improved League 2 15-16 Boys group and with a tough group, finished 6th with a very good final routine. In the Disability Trampoline Cat 2 9+ Female group, Faith H held her nerve brilliantly across all her routines and finished in 1st place with the gold medal. Not to be outdone, Robert H stepped up in his League 2 DMT 15-16 Boys event, and with two new passes of greater difficulty, also finished 1st with the gold medal.



The 2016 Alpha Club Championships were the biggest and best so far, with over 90 members in action on the day, and lots of new routines being competed and seen with the support of lots of family and friends. As well as the routines on show which had been worked on extremely hard during training, there was also a charity raffle from which £150 was sent to the Anthony Nolan Trust, and a very exciting ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ DMT display on show.

Medallists in all groups were as follows:

Novice 1:1st - Isla B, 2nd - Sasha C, 3rd - Poppy R

Novice 2 8 & Under: =1st - Maiya C & Willow K, 3rd - Daisy Gr

Novice 2 9 Yrs: 1st - Holly A, 2nd - Eloise C, 3rd - Holly W

Novice 2 10+: 1st - Emily H, 2nd - Ellie V, 3rd - Alice H

Intermediate 1: 1st - Emilia R, 2nd - Tedi D, 3rd - Tirah D

Intermediate 2 9 & Under: 1st - Maddie J, =2nd - Luke H & Charlotte F

Intermediate 2 10+: 1st - Lila W, 2nd - Lilia C, 3rd - Phoebe R

Intermediate 3 11 & Under: 1st - Amelie R, =2nd - Sam K & Orla M

Intermediate 3 12+: 1st - Molly J, 2nd - Keira P, 3rd - Mary H

Advanced 1 12 & Under: 1st - Marcus G, 2nd - Gemma S, 3rd - Callum S

Advanced 1 13+: 1st - Lola D, 2nd - Katie S, 3rd - Paul B

Advanced 2: 1st - Lucie T, 2nd - Emily C, 3rd - Molly C

Elite - 1st - Annabel S, 2nd - Jaxon K, 3rd - Robert H

Club Champs was followed up a few weeks later with the exciting annual Awards Ceremony and Christmas party. This year, it was held at a new venue with the Alton Maltings a much larger and more fitting place for this prestigious event. With a huge number of Alpha members and their families present, the evening started with a short dance entertainment, courtesy of Alpha member Tegan P and some of her Jansu School of Dance. Club Colours were then handed out to all members who had represented Alpha at a friendly, novice, regional and national level during 2016.

Individual awards of the evening were handed out to the following Alpha members:

Effort Awards 2016: Amelie Bh, Amelie Bo, Chloe T, Susanna H

Personal Achievement 2016: Beth B, Eloise B, Lola D, Tegan P

Competitive Achievement 2016: Marcus G, Molly C, Robert H

Mid-Session Conditioning Cup: Gemma K

Conditioning Cup 11 & Under: Orla M

Conditioning Cup 12 & Over: Susanna H

Highest Execution Score at Club Champs at a Club Level: Emily H

Highest Execution Score at Club Champs: Lola D

Our new Junior Ambassadors for 2017 were named as Lucie T and Tivon D, while Molly J and Beth B were also awarded their Assistant Coaches t-shirts.

The signature Alpha Award was this year given for Outstanding Club Spirit and was handed to Katie C for her exceptional support of the club, its members, and for her attitude to both her own training and helping out within the club.

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Following the success of the Alpha’s DMT gymnasts at the beginning of January, the end of the month saw the trampoline gymnasts take the stage at the first regional competition of the season. The long trip to Milton Keynes was certainly worth it however, with Alpha gymnasts excelling themselves all across the board.

With 33 gymnasts in action, it was a very busy day for Alpha. Many club members were either competing for the first time, or had gone up to a new routine one, and sometimes two, levels higher than what they had competed at last year. With a whopping 95% routine completion rate, consistency was the name of the game!

A huge 28 Alpha members hit the qualification score for the Regional Team Qualifier at this first attempt - a truly remarkable feat. As well as their excellent execution meaning they hit qualification, there was also a number of podium finishes for Alpha members. And with the hard work going on on the trampolines, there was also plenty of time in the audience for fun, support and a great atmosphere of friendship and teamwork. Full results are below.


9-10 Girls: Orla M - 4th, Q to RTQ; 11-12 Boys: Sam K - 1st, Q to RTQ


9-10 Boys: Ethan S - 3rd;

11-12 Girls: Gemma S - 2nd, Q to RTQ, Jess T - 9th, Q to RTQ;

13+ Girls: Lola D - 2nd, Q to RTQ, Molly J - 10th, Q to RTQ,

Aimee H - 15th, Q to RTQ, Keira P - 18th, Mary H - 19th


9-10 Girls: Eloise B - 1st, Q to RTQ;

11-12 Girls: Amelie Bh - =4th, Q to RTQ;

11-12 Boys: Marcus G - 1st, Q to RTQ;

13+ Girls: Amelie Bo - 2nd, Q to RTQ,

Susanna H - 4th, Q to RTQ, Katie C - 5th, Q to RTQ,

Hannah C - 6th, Q to RTQ; 13+ Boys: Callum S - 1st, Q to RTQ


13+ Girls: Faith H - 10th, Q to RTQ; 13+ Boys: Tivon D - 3rd, Q to RTQ, Louis B - 4th, Q to RTQ, Paul B - 7th


13-14 Girls: Molly C - 4th, Q to RTQ; 15+ Girls: April S - 6th, Q to RTQ, Emily C - 8th, Q to RTQ, Molly L - 12th, Q to RTQ; 15+ Boys: Jaxon K - 3rd, Q to RTQ, Ethan G - 5th


17+ Boys: Robert H - 2nd, Q to RTQ



The growing Double-Mini Trampoline section of the club were out in force at the first regional of the season at the beginning of January. On a cold day at Starlight in Romsey, 11 of Alpha’s DMT gymnasts were in action and proving themselves a force to be reckoned with.

Out of the 11 taking part, 9 managed to secure qualification through to the Regional Team Qualifier which was fantastic, especially given how many were competing in the discipline for the first time! It was an excellent benchmark and now many are looking to better their scores or try a higher level at the second competition. Full results are below.


9-10 Boys: Ethan S - 1st, Q to RTQ


13+ Girls: Tegan P - 2nd, Q to RTQ, Susanna H - 3rd, Q to RTQ; 13+ Boys: Callum S - 1st, Q to RTQ, Tivon D - 2nd, Q to RTQ


13+ Girls: Emily C - 3rd, Q to RTQ; 13+ Boys: Paul B - 1st, Q to RTQ


13+ Girls: April S - 2nd


13+ Girls: Amy R - 2nd


15+ Girls: Molly L - 1st, Q to RTQ


17+ Boys: Robert H - 1st, Q to RTQ

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Just four weeks after the first regional trampoline competition, the second one took place in Abingdon. It was another great outing for Alpha competitors, with a couple more members achieving qualification to the Regional Team Qualifier, as well as lots of members improving their routines and scores from the first competition and hitting personal bests in execution, time of flight and placings. Alpha now have 39 members qualified for the Regional Team Qualifier which is a great result and a testament to the hard work gymnasts and coaches have put in. Good luck to everybody in their final preparations for the RTQ at the end of March! Full Alpha results are below:


9-10F: Amelie R - 3rd, Q to RTQ, Orla M - 9th, Q to RTQ, Bea C - 13th, Q to RTQ, Charlotte F - 17th; 11-12F: Natalie B - 7th, Q to RTQ, Ellie V - 18th, Maisy S - 19th; 11-12M: Sam K - 2nd, Q to RTQ


11-12F: Gemma S - 4th, Q to RTQ, Jess T - 5th, Q to RTQ; 13+F: Molly J - 8th, Q to RTQ, Aimee H - 13th, Q to RTQ, Mary H - 18th, Q to RTQ, Keira P - 23rd; 9-10M - Ethan S - 3rd, Q to RTQ


9-10F: Eloise B - 2nd, Q to RTQ; 11-12F: Amelie Bh - 4th, Q to RTQ; 13+F: Katie C - 2nd, Q to RTQ, Susanna H - 3rd, Q to RTQ, Amelie Bo - 5th, Q to RTQ, Hannah C - 8th, Q to RTQ, Lola D - 19th; 11-12M: Marcus G - 1st, Q to RTQ; 13+M: Callum S - 1st, Q to RTQ, Ethan L - 2nd


13+F: Lucie T - 10th, Q to RTQ,

Faith H - 14th, Q to RTQ,

Beth B - 14th, Q to RTQ,

Tegan P - 18th, Q to RTQ,

Katie S - 21st, Q to RTQ;

13+M: Tivon D - 2nd, Q to RTQ,

Paul B - 3rd, Q to RTQ,

Louis B - 5th, Q to RTQ


15+F: Molly L - 5th, Q to RTQ,

Emily C - 10th, Q to RTQ;

13-14F: Molly C - 2nd, Q to RTQ;

15+M: Ethan G - 2nd, Q to RTQ

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On a busy weekend for Alpha, 35 members were taking part in the regional novice and letter grades competition at the end of May.

The regional letter grades are an alternative structure offered in the region, allowing members a chance to try different routines and achieve qualification to higher grades. With only 6 members competing in this section, an impressive 4 of them achieves that qualification.

Paul Bezant - Grade F, 5th place, qualified to Grade E

Amelie Rossiter - Grade G Under 11, 5th place, qualified to Grade F

Bea Curtis - Grade G Under 11, 9th place

Jess Trillaud - Grade G Under 13, 1st place, qualified to Grade F

Ellie Voice, Grade G Under 13, 2nd place

Mary Hirst, Grade G Under 15, 3rd place, qualified to Grade F

The main section of the day belonged to the novices however, many of whom were competing for the first time. With no placings being given, bronze, silver and gold execution medals were awarded to help maintain a focus on technique and how well the routines were being presented. 28 out of 29 Alpha competitors achieved an execution medal, the majority of them being silver which is a great achievement! Highlights of the day came from some of Alpha’s youngest members - Willow King, 8, narrowly missed a gold execution medal in Club Development Plan 1, finishing in second place in the group, while Tirah Dillner, 6, also just missed out on a gold execution medal in the highest novice group, Club Development Plan 2, where she finished with the joint highest score!

Grade I

Silver: Abi Warnes, Rhona McKenzie

Bronze: Eloise Curtis, Isobel Jewsbury, Holly Anfield, Zak Livingstone, Jess Potter

Club Development Plan 1

Silver: Willow King, Jess Hobbs, Emily Hurst, Alice Hurst, Lucy Buchanan, Catherine McKenzie

Bronze: Emilia Robertson, Isla Bavin

Club Development Plan 2

Silver: Tirah Dillner, Lila Ward, Maddie Johnson, Luke Hoban, Ciara Rossiter, Tedi Dillner, Chloe Trillaud, Logan King, Phoebe Riley

Bronze: Lilia Caddy, Duncan Jeynes, Ben Spiller, Tegan Hart


Four of Alpha’s competitive members were in action at the English Championships Qualifier in May, hoping to earn themselves a place at the Championship Finals which are held at the end of the year.

Robert Hamilton and Gemma Stokes were both competing in two disciplines each - Individual Trampoline and Double-Mini Trampoline. Given that Gemma had only been with the club for about a year and had only taken up DMT 6 months previously, she did superbly well even to be eligible for the event. In the 9-12 DMT Silver Girls, Gemma took a step into the unknown with new passes, finishing a very credible 11th place. She also took a huge leap up into the 11-12 Silver TRA group having only previously competed at a lower regional level. Here, she completed two routines well, finishing in 26th place. Robert produced a double gold over the weekend, finishing first in the 17-18 Silver TRA on the Saturday, before trying his hand at the Senior Gold DMT Men’s event for the first time. Competing at the highest level, he finished all four of his passes brilliantly,

finishing with another gold medal. Elsewhere, Tivon Dillner and

Molly Loveridge were both competing in the 13-16 Silver DMT

events for boys and girls respectively. Tivon was another club

member who had secured a huge increase in his difficulty,

allowing him to compete at the event. He did so brilliant,

making the final in 4th place after the preliminaries, and finishing

6th overall in his group. Molly also competed her preliminary

passes very well, just missing out on the final and finishing in

7th place overall.

A huge well done to all!

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