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The club follows a ‘Conditioning First’ structure which prioritises physical body conditioning to enable our members to train safely, with reduced overuse injuries, and to the highest trampoline technical levels possible.  Members train within a Physical Conditioning Level (PCL) which transfers directly to their Trampoline Technical Level. Warm-up, mid-session and conditioning are all specific to members’ PCL.

Members are also split into four membership levels:



This is the entry level to Alpha Trampoline Club and is based on providing enjoyable, challenging and progressive experiences. Pre-Competitive members will be working on progressing through their skills and the execution of those skills in preparation for moving up in the sport.


Talent ID membership is an alternative entry level for gymnasts selected for one of two talent routes through the club, open to 4-8 year olds. Talent Development Pathway membership is another alternative entry level for selected gymnasts who are within the 8-10 age year band. These are the only membership pathways through the club which are by invitation only and come with their own set of benefits and expectations.


This is the top of the membership structure within Alpha and is for members who are currently, or are immediately ready to compete at a regional level or above. Training is focussed on refining and maximising skills in order to compete at national and international levels.

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