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Catogories A & B

We’ve put everybody into one of two categories for returning to training at the beginning of Phase 1: 

For some of you coming back to club, we’ve been able to have a look at your fitness/strength/flexibility over the last 23 weeks because we’ve seen you online or at live conditioning sessions. For those of you we’ve already seen quite a lot, we’ll ask you to enter either Category A or B. 

For those of you coming back that we haven’t got to see as much and so haven’t been able to check how your fitness is doing, we’ll ask you to enter Category B. 

Remember that during Phase 1, we’ll continue to look at how you’re progressing and we’ll move you to Category A when it’s best for you. 

During Phase 1, we’ll only be asking gymnasts who we think are ready to return to DMT to train in the discipline initially. DMT is a really high impact sport and is very heavy on your ankles, knees and backs, so we want to make sure we protect you as much as possible when we go back and only get you to do things that your body is ready for. 

We know that you might be frustrated about not being able to go back to full training straight away, but try and remember that everything we’re doing is to try and keep you safe and healthy and able to continue in the sport as long as possible. After such a long time off, we need to protect your bodies so that you can continue trampolining as long as you want to! We are focussing on your basics and fitness in this first phase of getting back to trampolining so that you have all the building blocks you need to get back to the level that you were before. It’s important to try and not get frustrated when you first come back but if you have any questions about it all, just have a chat with a coach. 


Sessions are at different times than they used to be and the timetable below will be updated as soon as any changes are made throughout the phases.

Sessions Layouts:

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