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The ‘Conditioning First’ structure prioritises physical body conditioning and dictates the way that sessions are run at Alpha. Gymnasts develop and perform trampoline skills up to and including those specified within the criteria of their level. The Trampoline Technical Level (TTL) of gymnasts is governed by performance in conditioning and gymnasts are only able to move on to the next TTL when they have completed and passed the appropriate Physical Conditioning Test.


The structure aims to create more gymnast-centred athletes, with responsibility being taken for their own conditioning level. Gymnasts must self-govern when they want to be tested at each stage, although they can take a Conditioning Test more than once. As they are only allowed to work on trampoline skills based on their conditioning levels, it encourages gymnasts to train / practice in their own time which is hugely important for their own progression and to build a more complete athlete.


As a member, you will be able to access more details about the conditioning itself (such as the conditioning, mid-session and test requirements) in the members only area. Just click here.


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